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The latest version is GetRealtime 4.4.4 for Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10/11.
Click the download link below to begin your download and Save to run as Admin.

  6 MB

Once the download has finished, run setupGetRealtime.exe as Admin to install. If you install in other than c:\Program Files\ then follow the prompt on start up.

If you have installed the full GetRealtime download above then you can update to the latest versions here by downloading just these exe files and replacing the older versions in your  C:\Program Files\GetRealtime or your project folders.

GetAccess.exe (Included in Full DownLoad above) updated Feb 14, 2021
GetGraphs.exe (Included in Full DownLoad above) updated Aug 24 2023
GetRealtime.exe (Included in Full DownLoad above) updated May 15, 2024
(Forecast-NWS has returned to service)

Hec-Ras users:  GetRealtime.exe above is for Hec-Ras 6.x
Use GetRealtimeRas41.exe for Ras 4.1
Use GetRealtimeRas5.exe for Ras 5.x

Code updates and fixes can be viewed here on CodeUpdates.txt .
Thanks for trying GetRealtime.

  Additional downloads:

GetNexrad 4.4.2:
  7 MB
GetNexrad.exe only updated  Mar 31, 2024
Ridge1WorldFiles.zip 28 MB unzip into GetNexrad folder.
(v 4.2 requires folder of old world files, see GetNexrad Help)
(delete your GetNexradFiles.txt if problem)
New Canada radar ID's Nov 22, 2020:  RadarSites.txt RadarSites.txt
**Converts radar dBZ to rainfall amounts with loops and graphical storm tracking. Mouse zoom and pan with drill down navigation from the mosaics to radar sites and neighbor sites.  Storm ETA at NASCAR race track overlays. Reads Iowa State and NOAA Weather Toolkit historical KMZ files and also the new Ridge 2 images that povide 0.5 dBZ resolution. Overlays surface observations of Temp, DewPoint, Gusts, Pressure, Precip, Pressure Centers, Fronts, Wind Barbs, 24-hour QPF's, and clickable Flood Forecast Points that animate with the radar images.  Zoomed Google Map overlays and and a web browser sidebar for even more info.  Storm tracking provides GetRealtime with 1-3 hours of rainfall nowcast lead time.  Set your geolocation on wifi browsers.  The 31 Canadian C band radars and regional mosaics have been added and requires a full download for the site list.**  

Missing file???:  METARlatlong.txt

LatLongPixels.exe updated May 20,  2022 **Calculates radar image pixel locations and creates single point boundary and point files.  Updated for Ridge2, KMZ's, and decimal centroids.  For those who already have basin boundarys in Lat/Long's then you can convert them with  LatLongPixelsFromFile.exe updated May 20, 2022.  Can view all your Boundary Files and create KML files for Google Earth viewing.  Both are in included in the full GetNexrad download**


GetMapArea.exe 4.0.2  (Full DownLoad Above) updated Apr 12, 2017 **Big Google Map Lat/Long & GetRealtime's HDB Access for rainfall-runoff .  Now with full screen USGS Map Viewer and EPA Waters KMZ on Google Earth.  Also you might try  GoogleKML2Text.exe  to read Google Earth Pro created polygon KML files and convert to text boundary lat-longs for use by LatLongPixelsFromFile.exe above.**
Getting Started with Rainfall Runoff (Zip 9 MB)--Fully operational project examples for radar rainfall, adjustment, and runoff computations for 3 subs at Nashville, TN with Hec HMS and RAS projects.  Unzip the download to C:\ where the folder C:\GetNashville will be created and read the file READ_ME.txt..  After getting this project working then you can copy it and convert it to your basins of interest.  And here is a fully operational SNOWMELT setup example in New York.

Don't have Microsoft Office Access installed for supporting the GetRealtime.exe and GetAccess.exe database?  Download the 35MB MSoA 2003 support file... but I think the latest Microsoft Office Access  Runtimes now ship with Windows Vista and above so try it first... works for me sans Access on Windows 7, 8.

35 MB

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Windows Vista,7,8,10 install... from Windows Explorer right click the setup.exe and 'Run as administrator'.   Users having Acces Denied when saving text files can see my online Comments below.

The fine print: The user assumes all risk for any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data, or profits arising in connection with the access, use, quality, or performance of this website's softwares or it's supplied data just so you know.



Email: carson@getmyrealtime.com

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