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63.2  sqmi USGS 03241500 Massies Creek at Wilberforce OH

Continuous Nexrad Radar Rainfall-Runoff Comparisons in Real-Time
With Radar Hourly Ratio Adjustments
and Snowmelt Provided by GetRealtime

Jul 18, 2020 to ... currently running.




































Current NOAA N0R radar lite gif above with Massies Creek Basin overlay.  Below is zoomed ILN N0Q hi-res radar station at Wilmington OH, Wundergages, and adjusted N0Q at watersheds.  Note that the raw N0Q radar here almost always shows "ground clutter" because of being so close to the radar site. Ground clutter (0.02" to 0.05" a day) is just another simple matter that rain gage adjustment removes.  No rain at the rain gages for the hour then no radar rain.



The 63.2 sqmi MassiesCreek basin was not subdivided and the USGS gage is 03241500 Massies Creek at Wilberforce, OH.  The basin boundary was digitized using Google Earth Pro Add Polygon method and saved as a KML file.  My GoogleKML2Text.exe program then converts the kml to text for my LatLongPixelsFromFile.exe that creates the GetRealtime basin boundary pixels.  These programs are free on my Help web page from the top menu above.


The NWS and USGS does not provide flood stage info so I used the 5 yr, 10 yr, 50 yr and 200 yr flood frequencies from my Log Pearson frequency curve and interpolated in historical flood stages.


Annual peak FLOWS are also provided since 1953 and I created a Log Pearson III annual propability distribution of the peaks for use for reporting peak flow recurrence in GetGraphs.  I also got the NOAA Atlas 14 partial probability rainfall depths for reporting the 5-min to 3-day recurrence of rain depth.


Last model run info from database as text each run (GetFromAccessNOW.exe):     




Current automated graphs and radar (updated when runoff)


Radar ratio adjusted rainfall and Wundergages (pink is second parameter referred to)  :


Hourly Adjusted Radar, 3hr Nowcast, 6hr HRRR forecast, NWS 7day Forecast and Unadjusted Radar:


Meteorlogical data from Wundergages for snowmelt and evapotranspiration used by GRT:


Rainfall Frequency, Runoff & Frequency, Flood Stages and Snowpack:


NOAA Snowpack and Melt Rate:




Past runoff comparisons:


Sep 15, 2019:




Massies Creek at Wilberforce OH

Point precipitation frequency estimates (inches) NOAA Atlas 14 Volume 2 Version 3

Data type: Precipitation depth Time series type: Partial duration

Project area: Ohio River Basin

Location name (ESRI Maps): Cedarville, Ohio, USA

Station Name: - Latitude: 39.7170° Longitude: -83.7470° Elevation (USGS): 1062.16 ft



Annual Peak Flows:



Important Note:  Nothing on this page is intended as interpretation of any legal authority such as water rights and supply. This page is intended solely as a demonstration of techniques in flood potential monitoring. The reader assumes all risk for any damages whatsoever in connection with the access, use, quality, or performance of the supplied data just so you know.  




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