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  (radar!  Radar!  RADAR!)
Software for the retrieval, computation, viewing, and managing free real-time/historical streamflow, weather, and water quality data along with web screens providing your selected info needs like reports, gifs, web cams and such… all wrapped into one auto updating enchilada.  Real-time computations include Nexrad radar rainfall, snow pack and melt, runoff, & routings for continuous real-time simulations with ASCE Penman-Monteith evapotranspiration. Wizards for easy setups including Monte Carlo simulations, coefficient what ifs, stochastic rainfall, basin stormtrack forecasts, email alerts, a multi-run database... All Free!

GetRealtime automates downloading free real-time & historical hydrologic and meteorological data at scheduled intervals for display and posting.  Supports USGS, Wunderground, USBR, COE, USCS Snotel, CDEC, CIMIS, KISTERS, ODBC connections,  and NOAA and Canadian radar for continuous computation flood monitoring or Monte Carlo simulations.  And HEC yeah it can automate RAS, HMS, ResSim, EPA-SWMM and get the results.  An automated flood forecast system with Nowcasts that was developed with real-time flood forecasters or run a complex irrigation system top to bottom.  Set it up, leave running, and get great results.  Questions, just ask.

GetAccess manages the downloaded real-time data or your own text file data in an MS Access, Excel, or other ODBC database (SQL Server) for editing and historical reference and further computations.

GetGraphs displays multiple pages of graphs and web screens with automated updating and paging with auto web posting of graphs for current flood condition web sites.

Just want current US and Canada radar loops... GetNexrad
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A Real-Time Web Flood Alert Example

 real-time flood warning system
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(free software to automate hydrologic data and web screens)

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