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Register GetRealtime (all products)

Thank you for trying out GetRealtime or any of the More Stuff. GetRealtime and Stuff can be downloaded and used freely. If  you find that you like it and want to remove the annoying nag screens then you can register your copy here.  All the programs will function fine with or with out a registration key so be sure you installed and then run as Admin and read the prompts.
How do I register?

GetRealtime and More Stuff can be registered easily and securely by clicking on the Just Ask button on the right.  Registration costs Nothing and covers all products.

After registering you will receive your registration information by email, usually within 24 hours. So just send me an email asking for a registration key.

  Frequently Asked Questions About Registering GetRealtime

Question: Is this a one time registration?
Answer: Yes, this is a one time, life-time registration which will work with current and future versions of GetRealtime and any of the More Stuff products including GetRegression and GetMapArea.

Question: How long does it take to receive my registration information?
Answer: You will receive your registration information via email, usually within 24 hours of registering online.

If you have any other questions about registering, or if you wish to check up on the status of your registration, please contact me.


Email: carson@getmyrealtime.com
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